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New versions of Random Runner

Two years ago, in 2015, “Novomatic/Eurocoin” announced two new versions of the Random Runner slot machine. They were to be called “Random Runner Casino Triple”, and the “Random Runner Elite”. These special machines are going to only be available in gambling halls, and bear a strong resemblance to the original “Random Runner” slot machine. The “Random Runner Casino Triple” is inspired by the “Bell Fruit Triple Casino Look”, a machine that also looks a lot like the Miljoenenjacht machine, which is immensely popular in Holland Casino establishments.

Classic slots look

Both new versions might look like the classic slot machine, but they are a little different. Both machines do not have a standard (“bottom”) game, and only consist of a “top game”. It’s a bit of a shame, but both machines are still very fun in their own way. You can choose your own bet with these machines. The minimum bet is 1 coin, and the maximum bet is 40 coins per spin.

Random Runner 15

Novomatic, riding on the wave of success of the original Random Runner, created a videoslot version of the fruit machine. They called it “Random Runner 15”, and it’s a machine that consists of 15 lines you can win on. Novomatic took a lot of the original visuals and sounds from the classic fruit machine, so lovers of “Random Runner” will certainly recognize and love these elements. It’s a nice touch!

RR 15 - randoms.eu

Random Runner 15 can be found and played online. It’s also possible to download an app version of the game, so you can carry it around and play it on your phone and tablet. Only certain online casino’s carry this version of “Random Runner”, so if you want to play it, make sure you’re playing with the right casino.

Random Runner Twin Player

Aside from the classic “Random Runner” and the newer version of the game called “Random Runner 15”, there is also “Random Runner Twin Player”. It’s a slot machine that is available with most well-known online casino’s. For example, you can find this slot machine on the Royal Panda website.

Play mobile

The game did not come out for a while there, but it finally launched midway through 2016. It’s based on two games. Of course, it’s based on “Random Runner”, but it’s also based on Multi-Player. Multi-Player is a slot machine that is also available to play on mobile phone or tablet.

Zręczny Magik

“Random Runner” has its origins in the Netherlands, but its success has not gone unnoticed. Other countries took notice of the game, including Poland. When playing in Poland, you won’t find the machine under its regular name. The Polish have rebranded the machine to “Zręczny Magik”. Everything besides the name is still the same, though… so if you’re ever in Poland and looking to play some “Random Runner”, you now know what to look for!