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How to play

Random Runner’s bottom game and top game

Some slot machines only consist of a standard “bottom game”, but “Random Runner” is a slot machine that has both a “top game” and a “bottom game”. As you may or may not know, the “bottom game” is what you play with first, and it is considered the standard game. This game has three reels, and the goal of the game is to match up as many symbols as you can. Combinations only pay out if they’re on the middle line, and combinations are only valid when symbols are matched up from the left to the right.

How do I win?

Some combinations are worth more than other combinations. There is a little window that’ll tell you exactly how much each combination of symbols is worth, if you’d like to check before or during the game. When you make a winning combination, you earn coins. These coins can be spent two different ways; you can use your coins to continue playing as normal in the “bottom game”, or you could transfer your coins to the “winbank”. Once you transfer your coins to the winbank, the “top game” will unlock. Combinations are worth way more in the “top game”, but it is a bit riskier.


The Winbank

Like mentioned above, when you win coins they can be transferred to the winbank. You can only win coins if you successfully make winning combinations. You can use the coins in your winbank to play the “top game”, where you can play with three reels (same as the standard game). The standard bet per round for the top game is always 5 coins. Four coins will be taken out of your “winbank”, and the last coin will be taken out of your regular bet money. The fact that the bet is higher than the standard game makes perfect sense, because the “top game” has more lines that can be used to make winning combinations.

If you win in the “top game”, your earnings will show up in the “winbank”. There is, however, no limit to the amount of coins that can be stored in this meter. This is different from the standard game, where you can store a maximum of 200 coins. Once you reach 200 coins in the standard game, you will be paid out. If you’re done playing Random Runner, you can choose to cash out. Your meters (the regular meter and the “winbank”) will be paid out on your player account. You choose where the money goes; your account might be connected to your bank account, credit card or online wallet.

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