Random Runner fans

Chech out the Randoms Runner slot

Random Runner slot

These days, online casinos have a huge variety of slot machines available. They’re all different, and they’re all great. However, not every player wants a slot machine that has crazy elements or a bizarre theme; some just want the old-fashioned slot machines back. For those players, there is the “Random Runner”. Some might know this slot machine, because it’s a machine that was always very popular in gambling halls and cafes. With the internet, you can play Random Runner anywhere, whether you’re on the road or just at home.


Aside from that, you can win great prizes when you play the Random Runner machine. You see, this machine is well-known for being a very generous slot machine; in theory, its pay-out ratio is 98 percent! Don’t worry, that doesn’t even mean you need to put in a huge bet to win back your money and more with the “Random Runner”, this slot machine takes a small bet, and you could still win big.

Random Runner’s 0/4 feature

Most players may know about this, but we’ve taken it upon ourselves to explain it to you again. You see, the “Random Runner” is not your ordinary slot machine. It has some special features. Amongst these features is the 0/4 feature. Thanks to this feature, it’s possible to win prizes by spinning a single symbol on the far-left reel.

Bottom game type

Here’s an example: Say you’re playing the standard bottom game. You spun your round, and you have a cherry symbol on your reel. Both the 0 button and the 4 button will now light up. This is the 0/4 feature in action; wait for it to end, and see what you end up with. If the feature stops, and the 0 button is now the only button that is lit, you have won nothing. If the 4 button is lit, you have won a prize. This prize will be paid out immediately.